November 12, 2012

That little snazzy lollipop

Too many things-to-do made me feel like time goes greatly fast! I've just finished my midterms last week, and I screamed for my long weekend. But not very long actually, it was just from Thrusday till Sunday as usual. Yeah, at least it made my last weekend ran smoothly without any suffocating tasks and tests for a while *horray* :') Hope that an 'A' will be writen on my every single test papers in the end!

This is one of my photoshoot theme which I liked the most. It took my campus' (read: Multimedia Nusantara University) garden as the spot, and that little lollipop as one of the attributes. For another attribute kindly click here Everything seems so snazzy in the photos, doesn't it? Love it!

Top Shirt - Mineola
Floral Skirt - Colorbox
Striped Syall (wore as headbands) - Mom's wardrobe
Fabric Braid Bracelets - Online Shop

Photograph by: Fonita and team


Eugenia Emily

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