July 22, 2013

Comely Outset

Here comes another sweet escape.. That's such the most suitable thing to fulfil the longest holiday ever. We got around to 8 cities in China, accompanied by a tour service package. Shortly after 8 hours flight, we went straight to the various destinations with no break time. Formidable!

Temple of Heaven as our appetizers is the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China and was described as a masterpiece of architecture. The temple is used by the emperor for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest. The whole area is designed in accordance to Feng Shui principle. You can practically feel the serenity and the peacefulness while walking around this place. I think it’s one of the coolest and widest place to take pictures around Beijing. If you need a little break avoiding from noice, go there. It’s such a nice temples meets nice park.

Not too far away, we headed to Tian’anmen Square. That is a huge famous monument located in the center of Beijing. It has become a symbol of China in the eyes of foreigners. Mommy said that a large-scale demonstration has ever occurred here, initiated by collegers. They laid their bodies on the street all day long. Then the government finally grinded them out with a large truck. No more demonstration at all since the incident occurred. Too creepy, doesn't it?

Let me introduce our very witty local tour guide, named Budi. He is native citizens who speaks Indonesian fluenty. He is very playful and brings a fun atmosphere touring.

We entered the Forbidden City through Tian'anmen Gate. We entered the area from north and stepped outside to the south. We had 4 miles through that way anyway. Such a tough walking tour after 8 hours flight. I have a tips for you, allow yourself a full day for exploration or several trips if you're an enthusiast. In the forbidden city you can see Imperial Garden, a classical Chinese arrangement of fine landscaping, rockeries, walkways and pavilions among ancient and malformed cypresses propped up on stilts.

After devouring it by walking 4 miles, we still had to walk again. Whacked? Certainly!  But it sounds like we got some fresh air in the centre of the city.

I have never seen any part of a beef  looks hideous like that. I actually thought that it was an octopus. Ahh never mind. The first thing I learned about them is don't expect someone to know English better than you. But the very very first thing is do not ever go to a public toilet if you do not really need to. Mean it.

The next thing I learned is they are such a group of healthy people who are like eating and snacking cucumbers. Moreover  I tasted saltiness dishes everytime I went to a restaurant. I asked many people around me especially Mommy, and they felt just the way I did. So I alwasys open a pack of paste chili that I brought from home to increase my appetite everytime I was going to eat.

Then we had a short adventure trip to an old city, known as Hutong, by pedicab. This kind of voyage is called Hutong Rickshaw. People says that the real culture of Beijing is the culture of the Hutong. How true that is. Not much has changed and you can see how people lived in the past. I think it attracts tourists as many as the high-rise buildings and large mansions do. It allows you to take a glance at the city’s traditional local life. Beijing's famous Hutongs or alleyways are unique housing structures that have been home to Beijing's families for centuries.

That was my first day :)

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Eugenia Emily