August 14, 2013

The Closest Thing to Perfection

Of all the notable mountains in China, Huangshan (literally translated as Yellow Mountain)  is probably the most famous to be found. Known for its twisted pines, geological formations, bizarre rock formations, dream-like clouds, canyons, forests, waterfalls and streams, Huangshan is known as "The Number One Mountain Under Heaven". And I certainly, absolutely, totally agree with that statement. Huangshan is the loveliest mountain I’ve ever climb. What a majestic view!

We spent half a day to climb up and down. Actually it was fairly easy to climb, the walks great. Besides the wind longs to play with my hair. So how can I feel exhausted, it was kinda walking on the air. Anyway I bet you've ever seen this mountain in a painting, because Huangshan represents the typical mountain in Chinese paintings. It feels like watching ancient Chinese scroll paintings come to life. The sea of clouds that swim between the extremely towering yellow mountain are really breath-taking.

After hiking the mountain, we went straightly to a Bamboo factory, named Bamboo Elite. They offer all goods such as cloths, hats, socks, gloves, coats, kitchen wipes, hand wipes, dolls, pillows, etc, which made from bamboo. I was pretty excited about ‘em. I have never had daily stuffs which are made from a bamboo. Moreover I was chosen to be a presentation model on a  bamboo scarf that can be used with various models. You've guessed it, my family and I went straightly buy the scarf and any other good stuffs at the store in madness.

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Eugenia Emily

August 11, 2013

Somewhat Roomy

Another carefree sunny day opened with a sip of Longjing Tea. It is a variety of pan-fried green tea produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality. When it comes to traditional Chinese teas, Longjing tea ranks at the top. There’s one shop in the basement of Beijing International Tea Market sells Longjing tea exclusively. Here you can find quality Longjing tea at inexpensive prices, and here we were. Every time we come to a factory, they always offer a very tempting price, that’s why we bought the goods in madness.

Geraldi, Fio's Grandma, Emily, Glenaldi

Today we spent a lot of time on the road because we moved from Hangzhou to Huangshan by a bus. I was pretty excited with beautiness of Huangshan that many people are talking about. Especially for its mountain. Wait for the next post ;)

In the evening we went to Tunxi Market after having a dinner. Anyway I prefer Huangshan dishes than any other city’s. They taste like salty spicy. The layout of these buildings commonly takes on the appearance of shops in front while houses and workshops are to the rear. Along the street there are many shops that have existed for over one hundred years. Curios and knick-knacks including inkstones, brushes, local teas, and Mao badges can also be found. It is a paradise for tourists to buy souvenirs rich in Chinese culture with comparatively lower prices and it’s a must-see kinda thing when you are on a trip to Huangshan City. Nowadays it is also used as a natural studio for films and TV series.

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August 07, 2013

Swelter Epoch

Before we conducted domestic flights from Beijing to Hangzhou, we caught a glimpse of Bird Nest Stadium. It is Beijing National Stadium which is hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of athletic event. The shape was chosen so that it would express something related to the Chinese traditions and culture. Its circular form represents Heaven while the adjacent square resembles the Chinese symbol for Earth. It boasts the largest ski resort in urban Beijing now. Anyway the local aircraft gave us a box of super plain porridge with pickled cucumber and red beans only as our lunch set menu. It tastes nothing. Nothing at all. Or may be I only tasted the salinity. So I stopped eating due to that “awkward moment” in my mouth.

We landed at Hangzhou after having about 3-4 hours of flight. Andi, my new local tour guide, said that the temperature at the time reached 38 celcius degrees, and the average temperature of the surface of the soil reached 45 celcius degrees. Yeah should I say, hello again, Jakarta? But wait, it kinda even worse. Jakarta’s average temperature only reaches 33 celcius degrees. What a super swelter day.

Fio's Grandma, Emily, Glenaldi

The first destination was West Lake. I think it would be your highlight if you are on your Hangzhou trip. I mean it is absolutely worth to be. Mountains adding much to the landscape of plentiful plant resources around the lake. They said West Lake is heavy with literary and historic associations. The lake and causeways are excellent for strolling or cycling on a rental bicycle.

 Ikko, Geraldi, Glenaldi, Emily, Fio, Nico, Niki

They are the ones who enliven the vacation. Holiday was really in the air because of them.  They are all pretty much in the same age, except Geraldi and me, but it did not deter us to tell silly stories each other every single day. We played a guessing game all the day, singing like a such a shameless people, sometimes laughing at Andi's ability in speaking in Bahasa, eating saltiness dishes every day, and staying up late during the night to finish icon pop, doing a silly gymnastics competition, and also keep going on many stupid thingy. I was really glad to know them all.

We got around on foot, and we were bathed in sweat. The next tough destination was Yue Fei Tomb. As Andi said Yue Fei was a patriotic national hero of Southern Song Dynasty. He has never failed in a war and murdered for crimes he didn’t commit. Widely seen as a military general in China, since after his death, Yue Fei has evolved into a standard epitome of loyalty in Chinese culture.

Mommy, Emily, Fio's Mommy

Our beautiful evening was closed with Song Dynasty Show. It is a large stereoscopic musical drama which was adopted by the legends in Hangzhou City, integrated the world music with acrobatic art. You can have a strong visual impact. With an indoor theatre fits more than 3000 seats, you can see one of the most spectacular show in the world. An intelligent mix of Chinese history and modern technology which makes them one of the best show you can see, even from an international point of view.  The court of the Song Dynasty, fantastic battles, horses crossing the scene, old Zheijiang music and modern music makes it a night you will never forget. I must say that was the best show I’ve ever watched. Cheerio!

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August 05, 2013

Eagerly Awaited

 Summer Palace is the largest best-preserved imperial palace (now a park) which is listed as a world heritage by the UNESCO. It is dominated by Kunming Lake  and also Longevity Hill. I must say it is such an awesome place that are build for the Emperor summer time. I was amazed by its lake, hilltop views, energising walks, and long corridor which has beautiful artwork. Summer Palace seemed peaceful and tranquil even though there were many visitors.

For many visitors, the aim to go to Beijing Zoo is to see the giant pandas. As a symbol of friendship, the giant pandas have been presented to many countries. The Beijing Zoo is best known for its collection of rare animals endemic to China including the Giant Pandas. They act really cute but fortunately they are only a few. Mr. Budi (our local tour guide) said that our children or may be grand children will not be able to see the pandas for any longer, because there are quite a few and they are moving toward extinction. Due to small numbers, every panda who is still alive nowadays have a blood relationship one another. Therefore it’s almost impossible geting offspring. That is tough!

And here comes my most eagerly awaited, The Great Wall of China. It is a must be seen and visited object if you’re on a trip to China. I guess y’all already know that it is one of the seven wonders of the world. It was built over more than two thousand years along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China. Actually we were only allowed to get to the first post only, but the amazing scenery and a sense of challenged brought us to take steps further, although the stairs are very steep and high tiered. All those who ups and downs the stairs got faces like boiled crab. The air might be a bit chilly, but it doesn’t deter us to be sweaty all over a body.

Finally my brothers and I also Fio’s family stride to the second post and took lots of splendiferous pictures up there. During the tour we were getting much closer with Fio’s family since the very first time when we shared our meals in one table. Since that time we always sitting and walking side by side. Fio is the closest one to me. It seems like I’ve got a new little pal here. How sweet! Last but not least, I just wanna say a super big thanks to Om Hari (Fio's Daddy). He took a lot of a pictures of mine and my family.

 The Squad

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