September 15, 2013

Never Quite Enough

Time flies like an arrow. We have reached the last minute of our trip, and it was kinda a super random feeling. I must say that the whole my tour-mates around my ages have already been really close each other. I can't forget the fun we've had and laughing 'til our faces turned blue. Actually I just have no idea that we would be so close as it is now, but when we first talked to each other I knew we would always be friends.

 Glenaldi, Geraldi, Andy

Emily, Andy

When we really really had to go home and be separated, our tears flew down. I hug them before I really had to left the airport. Ahh how I miss the moment when we share everything together, but at least we have 2 blackberry groups now, 1 group for all members, and the other is specifically for the children. It is used as our communication bridge one another. Anyway I would like to give ya our special captures. Here we go!

Emily, Fionna

Wondering what was Fio trying to show me?

It was a picture of Geraldi and our local tour guide, which is a girl, when they are chatting. It was nothing actually, but they made a joke of it. How cute they are!

My goodness, I do really miss these sibship!

Do you know? They even have known Mama before met on the tour. What a tiny weeny world!

The tour-mates, strangers, and me

Our time together is just never quite enough. Time is what keeps everything from happening at once, and I guess, this is my way of saying thanks.


Eugenia Emily

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