September 25, 2013

Talent Night

Wondering what am i doin? Yap, as I've already mentioned, I attended Talent Night Miss UMN 2013. I am now listed as the top 30 Miss UMN 2013! Miss UMN is an event to find female figures who is able representing Multimedia Nusantara University, not only from beauty, intelligence and behavior side, but also openness towards high technology and knowledge about the diversity of Indonesian culture.

Emily, Sarah, Jessica, Clara, Michelle, Martha

 Daisy, Emily

 Sarah, Emily

Clara, Emily, David

We showcased our different talents such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, public speaking, and others. We were assessed by the judges. I must say, that was a remarkable night. I played piano, and sang a medley of 5 songs of nationalism.

Nothing is more appropriate to say except thank you very bery much to friends who keep supporting me. Unfortunately I did not take any photo with Fifi, Jessica, Angel, and my other friends. Because they had to come home in a hurry when the show was over , as it was already late at night, and they went home on foot. But very thankful to them because they had waited until late at night after they got done watching my performance.

 Emily, Satria

 Emily, Ali

My special thanks goes to him! Thank you for capturing this kinda formidable moment Ko Mulia a.k.a Ali. Keep on fire.

 The Crew

 The Crew

 Lois, Emily

 Natasha Cindy, Emily

 Emily, William

Emily, Cindy


Eugenia Emily

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