September 25, 2013

UMN Night

 Here comes the night when I was annouced as Top 20 Miss UMN 2013. Horaayy! The event was held along with UMN Night at Summarecon Mall Serpong. But this is only a half way that I have passed, and still many struggles to be passed in the next coming days. I will attend a quarantine, photoshoots, and campaign. Wish me a bunch of luck pal! Your support means a lot to me.

Here are my ladies who always strengthen me, support me, enliven my heart, and never feel tired carving a smile in my face. I love em so damn much!

 Celia, Emily

 Sarah, Emily

 Emily, Fifi

 Emily, Elvi

 Emily, Dennis

 Emily, Gaby

Christian, Randy, Emily, Bayu

And also my best gentleman who always faithfully give me a support and eternize every moment.

 Emily, Satria

Ali, Emily

My special thanks still goes to Ko Ali who has been willing to set up a "war" equipment capturing every single moment. Last and the most important is my superb woman who affectionately accompany my every single double triple moments of the life. Words can't describe how meaningful she is to me :'

  Super Duper Mama, Emily

Forever 21 Long Dress, Karen&Chloe Pump Shoes


Eugenia Emily

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