October 13, 2013

Awarding Night

Wednesday, Oct 9th 2013 was a day when we, the Top 20 of Grand Finalists Miss UMN 2013, had an Awarding Night. I think it was one of the most resplendent night ever which had been held by UMN. Our hard work had been paid off for everything was pretty well-running that night.

Awarding Night was started at 6.30 pm. My Mom, Dad, brothers, beloved ladies and gentleman came for gave me their sweetest support. I felt awesome that night because I knew that they were by my side since my very first footsteps on the stage.

Our first performance was a parade. All girls looked super beautiful, as well as the night gowns. We also perfomed a traditional dance in those gowns.

Then, here is the announcement of the Top 10. We were given the first question for each of us in this step. The questions were compiled by the other 10 finalists who were not listed as the Top 10.

What do you think about the role of women in an effort to preserve the culture of Indonesia?

I think womankind is a very influential figure in preserving the culture of Indonesia. Because womankind is such a figure who is deeply close to the aesthetic value. So it makes we are so sympathetic and sensitive to the cultural survival in Indonesia. If it does not us as Indonesian woman, who else would preserve the existing culture?

I got so many compliments from finalist friends and also the committee for the answer. According to them, my answer was too brilliant. Glad to know that. The answer gave me one step further to the Top 5 due to I’ve got the best score. Here, we, once again, were given a question for each of us, and the questions were compiled by the judges.

What do you think about the influence of Blackberry Messenger app that can be accessed on Android and Iphone?

I think Blackberry Messenger app on Android and Iphone could creates a more smoothly communication flow. Then it makes the exchange of the whole world information could more easily done. And finally it creates modern, creative, intelligent, and insightful young souls.

Actually I didn’t think that my answer was such a good answer. I was hesitant. But how thankful I am that I was finally announced as the Top 3. Since the very first time I gave my answer to the audience and judges, everybody said that I performed really really confidently, without any single word that sounds strange and complicated to be said. It was really well-running since the begining. I admit that I have a pretty good public speaking ability. I realized it since there were pretty much lecturers who commend me directly when I do presentations in classes.

I must say that I'm deeply in love with this Modern Kebaya. This kinda gorgeous apparel belongs to Kanu Exclusive Design. How awesome it is! 

Gloria, Clara, Emily

The last step, we, once again, were given a final question. We’ve got the same question. That was about vission, mission, and programs. Here is my answer.

I really have a big desire to be reborned as an elected lady who uphold intelligence, behavior, and beauty. And if I am given an opportunity to be Miss UMN 2013, I really really want to have a contribution to the Multimedia Nusantara University which is on its way to be more creative and innovative. I’ll do that by involving UMN into national and international events. So that I can introduce and scent the name of Multimedia Nusantara University in the field of education, social, and cultural.

Here is the moment which was most eagerly awaited, the announcement of the winner. Gloria was called at the first time for she was named as Runner Up 2. And taadaaaa….. congratulations for Clara Alverina who was named as The First Lady in Diversity. Proud of you, dear!

I had no idea at all that I could come this far. At first, I thought that I just might be able to stand up for Top 5. But I kept take one step further to the Top 3 and I was finally named as Runner Up 1. A little shocked at the first time when I realized that I joined this competition due to a kinda “forcing” by friends. It was not a lot of desire of mine at the first time actually. I thought HE has just got a beautiful plan for me. I mean this is not a coincidence, and HE has a purpose for these all allowed to happen.

Mommy, Emily, Daddy

I dedicated these kinda little steps to my most incredible man and lady in the world. They mean world to me. Thanks for always be by my side, thanks for your nonstop support, counsel, affection, and also scrumble that you two have given to me since my very first step. How blessed and thankful I am for having you two in my life! There is no other words could be more appropriate to be said except thanks, thanks, and thanks.

Jessica, Angel, Emily, Fenfen, Nency, Fifi

Emily, Fenfen

Jessica, Angel, Emily, Fifi

Emily, Angel

Jessica, Emily

And secondly, I also dedicated this sash of victory to my favorite ladies who never give up supporting and cheering me up. Especially for Fenfen and Nency who came from far far away just for cheering and watching my performance. I love ya all to Neptunus and back, girls. My life would sucks without ya!

Emily, Robin

Ribka, Emily

Chang, Emily

Meme, Emily

Charles, Emily

Dennis, Emily, Fifi, Angel

This is not the end, but only the beginning. Wish us a bunch of luck for having a great year ahead. Hopefully we all can run all our programs well. Tons of thanks to Miss UMN 2013, finalists, and committee for giving me a chance to be a one step ahead person.


Eugenia Emily