December 16, 2013

Blithesome Odyssey

Early in the morning we had already arrived at Saint Yoseph School, Bali. We did a minute-presentations for each class, from 10th grade until 12th grade, about things related to Miss UMN. Glad to see them in an atmosphere of curiosity. Actually it had spent almost a half day due to more than 20 classes to be visited. Yet seeing their passion and enthusiasm helps push an energy to live the rest of the day.

We needed to play harder. Thereupon we went to a turtle Island and playing Banana Boat. I wish I had a sweet burn of sun and a summer wind, but too bad it was so clouded over, and for the umpteenth time we had no luck to see the sunset due to an annoying drizzle. However we made the most of every moment by getting excited about every single thing.

Tables on the beach, sitting on a beachfront, sound of the waves and feasting on fresh and delicious seafood. It was just too perfect! We had our dinner on our final night in Bali at Jimbaran. Actually it is my most favorite spot for having a dinner in Bali. I think Jimbaran has become a local darling. I have never skipped this spot for having a dinner, at least once, when I’m on a vacation in Bali. They serve the most mouth watering Balinese seafood in town.

For the second round, we went to Potato Head Beach Club, which has been reviewed as a must see destination in Bali. From the moment you arrive at this place you know you are in for a treat. It is known not only for its modern versions of classic international dishes, but also for its inviting atmosphere with a huge garden, pool and planters along its outdoor seating space. We walked down and take a few photos on the beach for celebrating our final night. Too sad to be true, but it was such a perfect ending.

I started a beautiful morning and ended up with a successful and blessed day. This trip consists of spending quality time with people who matter most, having fun and making new and irreplaceable memories which live on forever and become unforgetable.


Eugenia Emily

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