December 08, 2013

Gaiety Visage

When the sun comes up, it was such a cheerful invitation to make the day counts. We started our second day by visiting a foundation which inaugurated an extraordinary school, named Dria Raba. Dria Raba does not only reserved for students with blindness, but it also opens for students with special needs, including among children with autism, hyper active, retardation, multiple disabilities and children who have a disorder because of their low concentrations studied. Here, we were accompanied by Leo's Club Bali.

Leo's Club Bali with Miss Jessica

I was deeply moved when I saw them lined up in a row together, holding hands each other, and singing with all their heart to welcome our presence. Behind their existing deficiencies, they are able to rise. For me, they are such an outstanding children with an outstanding aptitudes. We learned a lot from their determination. What a precious time that we all had together.

Hereinafter, we were invited by friends of Leo's Club to watch a show of Teruna Teruni of a high school nearby. Bassically, Teruna Teruni is tourism ambassador of Bali province. But Teruna Teruni that we watched was an event that took place in a high school, only in a small scope. I guess that their vision and mission are almost the same as Miss UMN’s.

Teruna Teruni Finalists with The Misses

For the purpose of looking for some fresh air, we went to Petitenget Beach. I think that it is one of the quietest beach that I’d ever been. I mean, without local traders (only at the outer of the coast, even only for snacks and beverages). As much as I know, foreigners are not allowed to sunbathe or swim as it is sacred to the Balinese due to it is located just in front of a temple area. They often have ceremonies.

It is such a great place to catch the sunset I guess. Unfortunately, we had no luck to see an exoticism of Bali’s twilight with its legendary sunset. But it was not really matter. We spent hours with full of archness and hoots of laughter. Besides, time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time. At least for me, it's all that matters.


Eugenia Emily

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